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Serving the homeless and potentially homeless in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania
Homelessness exists in Cumberland County as evidenced by the fact that the continuum of services offered by Safe Harbour
continually operate at full capacity. National data indicates that several trends are largely responsible for the rise in homelessness:
the current devastating economic downturn in the United States; the collapse of the country's housing market, including significant
mortgage foreclosures; a growing shortage of affordable rental housing; and a simultaneous increase in poverty. The lack of
affordable housing and poverty stifles low-income individuals from obtaining the level of self-sufficiency that they desire. Safe Harbour's
housing programs assist families and individuals in achieving self-sufficiency during their allowable stays.

Supportive housing programs are defined as "temporary" refuge and care for persons who are in immediate need and are homeless;
i.e., have no permanent legal residence, owned, leased, or shared in which they can live safely and healthfully both night and day
and in which they can meet their social and basic needs in privacy and with dignity.

Safe Harbour provides a full continuum of housing and supportive services designed to create a connection between the emergency
shelter and independent living within the community. Our programs aid "homeless or potentially homeless" people by providing
housing coupled with individual service plans to develop values and skills for independent and self-sufficient living. To qualify for
housing assistance from Safe Harbour, Cumberland County residents must meet low income criteria, having incomes per family size
at or below 50 percent of the area's median income.

The early years of Safe Harbour consisted of two programs: Bridge Housing (also referred to as Transitional Housing) and Single
Room Occupancy (SRO). However, new programs such as the Emergency Shelter and additional SRO units have been added over
the years to meet gaps in service and the changing needs of the homeless population in Cumberland County.

Emergency Shelter S.R.O
Emergency Shelter S.R.O

James Wilson House
James Wilson Facility

Harbour Place
Harbour Place
Wilson House Apartments